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Classification of ceramic powder

27. 2022

    1. Opaque Porcelain: Covers the color of the basal crown and increases retention.

    2. Neck edge porcelain: Also known as neck porcelain, the color is darker, showing the color of the neck.

    3. Body Porcelain: Also known as dentin porcelain, the main body porcelain powder is used to obtain the natural beauty of dentin.

    4. Enamel porcelain: Also known as incisal porcelain, it is used for incisal parts and is translucent.

    5. Přenslucent porcelain: It reflects the natural translucentní form of teeth.

    6. Glaze powder: Colorless and translucentní, simulates the luster of tooth enamel.

    There are also decorative porcelain, dyed porcelain, gingival porcelain, etc., which can express different colors and special restoration needs.


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