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Effect of sintering temperature on the color of Bloomden 3D monolithic zirconia.

15. 2022


1. Experimental Sample,Zařízení,Parametr

Vzorek:Bloomden Products 3D-pro-ml-A1,3D-pro-ml-A2,3D-pro-ml-A3

Zařízení:Bloomden Sintering Furnace Model#:B1700


Experiment comparison of sintering Systém:

a. Bloomnden 3D series products recommended sintering temperature curve

experiment static

b. 1530sintering temperature curve

Bloomden sintering experiment static 


2. Experiment result and conclusion

Comparison picture :Sample pictures after sintering (left 1530,right 1480)

Bloomden 3D pro A3



Bloomden 3D pro A2 


 Bloomden 3Dpro



Conclusion:As experiment result, 1480℃ is more recommend sintering temperature than 1530.At the sintering temperature of 1530℃ ,all color of 3D-pro-ml-A1,3D-pro-ml-A2 and 3D-pro-ml-A3 are lighter than 1480.After sintered at 1530,the color of 3D-pro-ml-A3 tooth is more like A2, and 3D-pro-ml-A1 and 3D-pro-ml-A2 is lighter than A1 on color sheet.

3. Analysis and Suggestion

Analýza:As result of the material of 3D series products is a multi-powder mixture and it`s contain many high permeability UT powder.Considering the suggested sintering temperature range of UT powder is 1430°C——1480,which is much lower than 1530.Therefore,when sintered products at 1530℃ will cause abnormal growth of zirconia crystals in the product and affect the color of the product.


Sugesstion :We recommend 3D products are sintered at temperature of 1480,and the temperature range should not exceed 1450℃ - 1500.


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